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i bought the game with my christmas money and i am currently in love despite having lost my progress to death twice (and forgetting the save. tbh the alice labyrinth aesthetic hurts my soul)
i have never played persona because i dont have playstation stuffs but i bought it because i like dungeons and i really just want to say that i love the p3 protagonist and i went and spoiled myself on his story and now im just so sad because it hurts me.
but i love this game and the characters so maybe ill draw them at some point. idk. i love them all a lot
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  • Playing: Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth


Sworl Sr. by CrystalCyae
Sworl Sr.
?? there are only so many sworly jokes I can really make here
Anyway this isn't the 6th sworl in the group of 8 (working on it!) but instead i was using my new coloured textas and drew the first Sworl!
Since school is coming back you might get a little more traditional art which I can do like in bed and then just webcam the next day, so we'll see what we get :p
Her hair isn't actually purple, its just that brown textas and notorious for being. well. gross? A good time.
Character belongs to :iconcrystalcyae:
Sworli 5-o by CrystalCyae
Sworli 5-o
I'm losing pun ability here. I can't do this.
These are getting progressivle sketchier but it's okay because I love gradients and these are fun to do! They don't take a huge time out of my day to make so I can just make them when I feel all bluhh, like today! Nailed it, right?
Character belongs to :iconcrystalcyae:
Fourth Sworl by CrystalCyae
Fourth Sworl
The colour scheme is remarkably similar to the Second Sworlening but this is orange, not yellow. Thats what I get I suppose. Huh.
This one is pretty cute. I like her.
I draw hands and lower arms too big but the latter is at least a stylistic choice to a degree. I think it looks interesting.
Character belongs to :iconcrystalcyae:
Sworl the Third by CrystalCyae
Sworl the Third
My tablet got pissy with me yesterday but now we have the third design. I like this. She looks cute. I also had a lot of trouble with colours cause I kept forgetting what color this symbol was. Woooo
Character belongs to :iconcrystalcyae:
The Second Sworlening by CrystalCyae
The Second Sworlening
Sworl was a joke but what if I actually used that for something. hmmn. the sworlening cometh
I really like playing around with these gradients and it looks cool! I like this design as well, she's gonna be a hella babe I can feel it.
I have 6 more symbols to design characters for so have fun with that.
Her symbol is yellow so its kinda hard to see which is why big ol' symboly on the side to help ya out.
Character belongs to :iconcrystalcyae:


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hello there, I'm Nikki and I post art here often in productive bursts followed by this like large period of silence. Whoops.
I like Homestuck and PMMM, as well a variety of other media. I don't really watch TV shows unless it's comedy. I'm really invested (however temporarily) in a variety of personal projects ranging from mostly original to fanfiction oriented!
You're more likely to find me at, and if you need to contact me quickly that is the best place to talk to me. I'm open for a chat there (or here!) as well!
See you around! ^.^

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