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Writing journal entries at midnight is a thing, it seems.
So, there are some updates! Some kinda minor, some kinda ay, but whatever.
Firstly, exams. Exams were a giant pain in the ass, and currently all I know is that I completely aced my math exam with like 98%. That's so cool. I love math. That's really it, though exams are super annoying and I'm not looking forward to end of year -.- I'm also not looking forward to seeing my marks on my health exam, and my general health results. Health is a boring subject. My report is so gonna reflect that, oh boy.
Secondly, uni! I went to a few uni days really recently (the 2nd and the 8th) and they were super fun! Both times I got a little disappointed by certain things, but both unis looked very nice and it was interesting and I learned a lot. However, I just have to say, RMIT Building 80 looks kinda. geometrically interesting. Listen it looks bad. So do some of the other buildings. And as far as ACU goes, I was a bit disappointed by the business workshop they ran, and I'm kinda sad that they don't have a lot of IT-centered courses, since that's my current want! I wanna do game design, and of the two unis RMIT would be best, but I prefer ACU as a campus. However, the station near ACU is. Horrifying. It was so scary on the escalators they are so steep it's terrifying. But I've still got lots of years to think about my options!
Thirdly, Camp Nano July! So, I started off relatively strong. Reached like two days ago and went 'nah', because the site I use to handle my work, Yarny, was being hard to deal with and I don't like google docs. So it put a halt in my progress and I've kinda given up because I don't really care. But that's because I've got another project!
Transistion! Fourth, the U4G contest! It's a contest held twice a year, where you take ideas and tell a story using input from the readers. I competed in this contest waaaay back in February (which was the source of a lot of the art I posted during the lead up), and I came 15th! Which was really good, better than I expected! So, I've entered again, this time with a more open idea and a better art style (as the sprites I used were a little limiting). If you've seen my two recent artworks posted (The Evolution and Ask Meme Party), you'll see what the style is going to be, roughly. I'm very excited, and I've been having a lot of fun designing the main character and drawing the panels. Roughly, the story is about a thief named Angel, who is shy and has a serious lack of presence, and she's been abandoned at the dorms of the thieve's guild, after everyone forgot she was there and left due to plot reasons. Good times. Hopefully it'll be fun and school won't pile up too much.
Fifth, my trip to New Zealand! I'm going to New Zealand during the school holidays at the end of September, and we're not yet sure how long for yet. Not more than a week, unfortunately. We're probably going to be staying in the north island for the first half of the holiday, seeing the coolest places. Then I'll be going home with my mum, and my dad will go to where his conference thing is, down in the south. I'm pretty excited, since this'll be my first time overseas! Sweet! However, passports are a pain in the ass. Get them young. Save yourself trouble.
Six, something super super recent. Like a few hours ago, I broke my laptop a little. Like, nothing serious, no actual impairment to the workings of the computer. However, I broke the audio jack on my laptop, which means I can't listen to music. And I spent like all my birthday money on steam vouchers (oh boy. the steam sales. my wallet.) so I'm going to have to ask my parents to use their cards to pay to have it fixed. So I have to look around at some local stores who can fix it for relatively cheap because I was trying to listen to a sad song (John Barrowman's cover of Empty Chairs) and I got sadder at the horrible sound quality than the actual song. That's shitty. So I'm gonna have to get that fixed, which will be fun. It'll also impair my projects, since I won't have my laptop while it gets fixed. Fab. So I need to get it fixed asap, so that'll be super fun.
TL;DR i'm excited and I broke some stuff.
I'm gonna post more stuff soon, as I get more things ready in prep for U4G, so keep an eye out! See ya! <3
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Nikki Kay
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hello there, I'm Nikki Kay and I rarely post art here ^.^'
When I do, it really depends on what mood I'm in or what's taking my fancy. Like oh man remember when I posted like 20 pictures really quickly one after the other. Oh man.
You're more likely to find me at, or even at my account, I can also be found at my twitter, @nikkikayluna! Don't expect much from there though, tumblr is probably the go to.
See you around! ^.^

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